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A fan of the Yankees, Red Sox, and large sample sizes.

In addition to an amateur baseball analyst, I'm also a mathematician and extremely amateur philosopher. So here's a taste of something random:

How many holes does a pair of underwear (ignoring tears and the fly) have? Don't worry I'll skip the part of the story that explains how the question came up. My friends mostly claim three - at least they did until they started refusing to answer - but I claim two. I'm a math guy, I've taken topology, and I'm darn sure undies are a two-holed torus. So I was feeling all smart until my friend Amanda, who's more of a writer than a math person, chimed in with, "Underwear out of the package has no holes. It needs the leg and waist openings in order to be called underwear. Would you buy a package of boxers without the 'holes'?" Ok, good point.

Moral of the story - underwear has zero holes or two holes, but definitely not three holes. Back to baseball next time...

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