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Gimme Gimme Mike Cameron

Mr. Steinbrenner (or shall I talk to your puppet known as Mr. Cashman) - Just because you might have realized that Alfonso Soriano is overrated, does NOT mean you should go ahead and give him away for Carlos Beltran. I've got a better idea. Keep Soriano, and sign...

Mike Cameron - that's right, the Yankees need to get the guy who sucked it up in the second half in 2003, hasn't hit at all at his home ballpark, and has been a general disappointment since being traded for Ken Griffey. And, these are the argumentfor signing Cameron. Let me explain. Well, I'll let Mr. Gleeman explain in extreme, drawn-out, mind-numbing yet convincing detail, and I'll simply summarize.

Here are the stats of Mike Cameron and Carlos Beltran over the past three years away from their home ballparks. For those not aware, Beltran plays at the extremely hitter-friendly Kaufman stadium, while Cameron drags himself to work at the spacious Safeco Field.

Beltran away from Kaufman: .271/.337/.498
Cameron away from Safeco: .278/.364/.510

Hmm, pretty similar. Now, I'm not guaranteeing Beltran and Cameron will have similar careers from here on out. Beltran's younger, and Cameron's complete lack of competence during his home games should be considered, but here, you pick between these two choices:

Mike Cameron - CF
Alfonso Soriano - 2B
Extra $$$

Carlos Beltran - CF
Sammy Scrub - 2B
No extra $$$

George, here's a hint. Pick Choice B.

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