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You know, I don't think this guy likes the blogosphere all that much. Very interesting look at things, if you can fight through his constant use of exaggeration.

Personally I thought blogging was just for sports geeks. Baseball blogs are really the only ones I read (especially if you count Baseball Primer as a blog.) But sports blogs didn't even make Mr. Whiner's list of most annoying and overused topics. Frankly, I think we should take that as encouragement to start up more baseball blogs about more unique aspects of baseball.

One thing that sets baseball blogs (at least the ones that I read) apart from political or world news blogs is that the content just can't be found from mainstream media sources, including online sources. Rob Neyer is the closest you can get, and he's not exactly on the cutting edge anymore (still love him, though.) I consider hard-core and sabrmetric baseball fans to be in the minority. We have an underground, rage-against-the-machine, viva la revolution! type thing going on. This kind of information isn't covered anywhere else. We're not preventing people from finding "real" information when they search via google - we (well, others like me that actually post occassionally)are the real information.

Keep the baseblogs rolling, and keep 'em interesting.

If anyone knows if Blogger causes a lot of the same issues as MovableType or why LiveJournal is so much better, let me know.

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