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If it seems as though I have a man-crush on Barry Bonds, it's because I do. His OPS is now up to 1.903. No, that's a not a typo: 1.903. If you alternated doubles and outs, your OPS would "only" be 1.500. Barry's almost averaging doubles two out of three times he comes to the plate (.666 OBP, 1.333 SLG). Shiite.

I know it's early, but what would it do for Barry's image and legacy if he were to win the triple crown this year? I mean, it's really not that good a measure of performance, but it's still really hard to do, and most baseball fans still see it as the Holy Grail. Leading the league in HRs and AVG are strong possibilities for Barry, but the RBIs might be hard considering the San Francisco lineup and number of IBBs he's bound to receive. I mean, do you really pitch to a player with a 1.903 OPS?

Perhaps my favorite thing about Barry potentially winning the triple crown is how he would treat it. One, he realizes a 1.300 OPS is more impressive. Two, he wouldn't gloat. Three, he'd pay homage and act humble towards past triple crown winners. And four, he's probably be disappointed because the season was over and he'd have to listen to people praise him instead of being able to play baseball.

1.903 OPS? That's disgusting.

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