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I was just perusing the Barry Bonds page at after noticing he took Eric Gagne deep last night. So far in 2003 Barry's line looks like .429/590/1.000. He's got 4 HRs, 4 2Bs, 11 BBs, and 3 SOs and only 28 ABs.

If you project that out over a full year, it looks like 130 runs, 194 hits in only 454 ABs, 65 2Bs, 65 HRs, 162 RBIS, 178 BBs, and 49 SOs.

The thing that strikes me (beyond the 1.590 OPS) is the 65 doubles and homeruns. I wonder what the highest level reached by a player in both the HRs and 2Bs. There's probably been a 30/30 season, and perhaps a 40/40 season, but anything much higher sounds really difficult.

Do I really expect Barry to keep this up? No way. Just like I don't expect Jermaine Dye to hit 70 HRs this year, or Josh Becket to have a sub-1.00 ERA. Blah sample size blah.

I've actually seen a few of Barry's games this year, and I've seen three of his doubles. They've all been down the third base line with the third basemen playing in the shortstop position. I think it's awesome that Barry has the ability and desire to "settle" for a double when he knows it's available. And of course, it's amazing that he seems to be able to do it whenever he wants. Barry's good.

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