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A fan of the Yankees, Red Sox, and large sample sizes.


This blog, as of March 28, is a member the Transitoid Series of Score Bard's Periodic Table of Blogs. I'm Yb (Ytterbium - a naturally occuring element first discovered in Sweden and available commercially for $875 per kilogram), way over at the right. The Score Bard has always had my respect over at Baseball Primer - his ideas are intelligent, original and concise, and his writing seems to softly stroll along. I'm no writer, but I think he does it right. His website,, is one of the few websites I link to over on the left sidebar.

The first blog in the Transitoid Series is the Mark Cuban weblog, which I find pretty amusing. He writes some pretty analytical stuff about NBA refs, and philosophical entries about basketball and sports in general. Cuban's obviously a really smart guy with a passion for life. Oh, and the reality show where he'll give away a million bucks to whoever amuses him most will be great.

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