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When I first started reading a lot of sabrmetrically slanted baseball writing about five years ago, I got sucked in immediately because of the intellect and sense of "duh, why didn't I think of that" included in most articles. I only read Pappas' work when he was published at Baseball Prospectus, but he was a guy who thought for himself, and didn't bite on what others were offering.

I often get asked by my high school students if I really add up prices at the grocery store, or measure out angles when working around the house. I'm proud to say that yes, I do in fact take an interest in the quality of my life, and do make an effort to be knowledgable about my decisions. I laugh at people who think supermarket discount cards really save them money, rely on mainstream commercialized news, or refuse to form their own opinions. Yeah, it's hard.

Doug Pappas was one of those guys who formed his views based on research and preparation. His opinions carried weight because they weren't so much opinions as presentations of the facts. If you disagreed with his writing, you were basically calling him an outright liar.

Buy what you want to buy, not what people are trying to sell you.

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