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Watching (well, listening to) the NESN broadcast this afternoon, they ran a little feature on how the Boston defense has improved over the last ten games, committing only 3 errors, as opposed to 33 errors in the first 36 games, or something like that.

Look, the Red Sox have the second-best DER in the American League. They've been fielding well all year. Yes, they'd have been even better with less errors, but that's a tautology. Considering Fenway's a hitter's park, it's pretty impressive that the Boston defensive numbers are so good. The offense is solid, but it's the defense that has them in first.

Since mentioning the Red Sox wouldn't be complete without mention of the Yankees (it's like Laurel & Hardy, or 'intents and purposes'), the Bombers have a similar offense to the Red Sox (with more name recognition), but a much worse pitching staff. In fact, the Yanks are pretty luck to be sitting less than two games back of the Sox, since they've only scored 7 more runs than they've allowed.

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