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It seems as though Joe Kennedy just pitched a couple days ago. Well, that's because he did. The Rockies have moved to a 4-man rotation for the rest of the year or until disaster strikes, whichever comes first. I'm a big fan of the 4-man rotation, so I'll be hoping it works out "well" for the Rockies, mostly o that other teams won't be afraid to try it. Of course, it can't make your top four pitchers into studs; it can only allow you to avoid the awful fifth starter. Kennedy's the only Rockies pitcher flashing true skill, but we'll see if it keeps up the entire year. His dERA is at 3.88 compared to his actual ERA of 2.49, so he'll probably "disappoint" the rest of the season. But a Rockie with an ERA of 3.88 is something to be proud of. Let's go, Joe.

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