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Although the Yankees failed to take advantage of a number of opportunities to win today's game, there are some positive signs to take away from it on the hitting side of things.

Alex Rodriguez hit two homeruns, his 8th and 9th of the season, and raised his average to .291. Anyone still worried about him? I almost snagged him in a trade in my Strat league earlier this year, when his owner was worried about the lack of SS eligibility and early season slump. I don't think right now is the time to revisit that deal.

Bernie Williams continue to hit his way out of his horrible early season slump with a homerun. Bernie's a good hitter, and although he's getting old, and never had a ton of power, he's not totally finished. I expect a .280/.370/.460 kind of year from Bernie. And thank god he's playing, and hitting second, instead of Kenny Lofton. The only place I wouldn't mind seeing Lofton is second base.

Gary Sheffield also hit a homerun, only his third of the season. It might just be a slump, or his pre-season thumb injury might still be bothering him. Either way, the Yankees heed him to be at least 80% of his traditional self to keep pace with the Red Sox this year.

Whenever I have to tell people I'm both a Yankee fan and a Red Sox fan, they first demand an explanation (my dad brought me up a Yankee fan, then I went to school in Red Sox country and watched them daily), then they ask me how I can root for both of them. Well, in years like this when both organizations have great teams, it makes for one hell of a divisional race.

Hmm, Blogger commenting's kind of lame. Some bugs to work out. Anyways, go Yanks.
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