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I watched the last two innings of Randy Johnson's perfect game on TBS. The announcers were obviously calling the game from the point of view of the Braves, but still were able to show amazement and appreciation of Randy's performance. In fact, they were probably rooting for the perfect game in the two innings I watched.

Tom Glavine's got a no-hitter through 6, and the Rockies announcers hate him, the umpire, and everyone involved. They've whined about some close calls ("You don't have to just give him the no-hitter, ump!"), and generally made Glavine's performance seem cheap and flukish. Regardless of the truth of their claims (somewhere in between no truth and all truth), nobody wants to hear a game called like that.

And now they're whining about how cheap Cliff Floyd's nubly infield single was. Get over it, guys. Try to be entertaining and at least pretend you like the baseball game.

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