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I don't believe in jinxes. To prove it, I'm typing this in the top of the 8th inning as Luis Gonzalez singles to right. Whether or not The Unit finishes of his perfect game, talking about it beforehand has no bearing on the outcome. Of course, I can only prove that if he finishes the perfect game, so I'm rooting for him to do so.

I don't particularly like Randy, except that I always admire and root for exceptional talent, and he's on both my NL fantasy team and my Strat team. And it's always cool when rare events occur.

Perfect through 8...

How bad must the Braves hitters be feeling right about now? Oh, and how bad must they be? First, the Braves strikeout 18 times against Ben Sheets, and their next game they don't even get on base. Ouch.

25 in a row...

So, DIPS says the lack of hits isn't due to Randy's ability. Do pitchers show skill on balls-in-play, but just not consistently? I've only watched two innings. Were all of the balls-in-play easy plays?

26 in a row...

Man, this is cool.

Two strikes... Eddie Perez managed to lay off the high heat.


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