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They say 3000 hits is a the biggest milestone of them all - one of those numbers that all but guarantees a spot in the Hall of Fame. Add in the fact that it only took one year to get there, and I don't think there's really any doubt on this one.

True, there have been slumps this past year, periods of non-posting that lasted longer than Derek Jeter's Luis Sojo impersonation. But between rotisserie baseball, Strat leagues, specific baseball news, and baseball analysis, I've got enough topics to keep me going at least a few times a week. Of course, those few times may all come on the same day when I find myself with some free time.

As those of you who also try to keep a blog know, any notes containing even mild words of encouragement are awesome. Your emails and the list of referring URL's are the only sign to me that people actually read anything here. Not that I need others to justify my ideas, it's more that you justify the fact that I take the time to post my ideas here. (I don't really pay too much attention to the site counter because 75% of those hits are probably from my mother or me.)

Anyways, comments are now working*, so it's easier to share you own opinions about the ideas I've shared. Currently, I'm especially interested in what people have to say about fantasy valuation.

* - working as well as any other aspect of Blogger software. Dont' be surprised if this blog suddently goes GreyMatter one of these months.

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