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If this is correct, might the Yankees be interested in Aurilia? Can he play 2B? Sure, he's played like a replacement player so far this year, but that's better than Enrique Wilson, and probably below the level of which Aurilia's capable. I don't want Aurilia to be the final answer this year, nor would he really help all that much, but jeez - Enrique Wilson? Come on. And don't answer me with Miguel Cairo.

With Jose Vidro signing a deal with the Expos, there aren't many (any?) 2B available, as the A's are finding out. Once teams start to dump, Ray Durham, Junior Spivey, or Bret Boone might be available. Sure, it's lame to whine about the one position the Yankees are below average at, but it's a big hole. Can Aaron Boone heal in two more months?

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