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The Greek God of Walks, called up to replace Bill Mueller for the weekend, failed to take a walk in his first MLB game. Just goes to show you how minor league stats just don't translate to the Majors. And where did he get the idea that hitting a homerun would be productive? Just know your role, and stick to it, Kevin.

Ok, seriously, great to see Youkilis produce in his first MLB game. He should only be with the Red Sox for a few games, until Mueller returns. Youkilis might put up similar production to Mueller this year if given the chance, but Mueller's a better fielder, and Youkilis could use the time in AAA.

Two more pluses for the Red Sox today: Bellhorn hit a homerun and walked twice, and Arroyo pitched 8 shutout innings. How many times can you say a team is really happy with their two-hole hitter batting .236? And how happy must the Sox be that the fill-in for their disappointing submariner has turned out to be an above-average pitcher?

Bellhorn: 236/398/407 for a OBP-heavy 800 OPS
Arroyo: 1.09 WHIP, 3.53 ERA in 35 IP

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