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Ok, maybe that's a little extreme.

But he did just say, on Baseball Tonight, that pitchers should pitch to Bonds more and intentionally walk him less. "He can't hit a homerun every time." If we translate that statement from Krukese into English, it's a pretty intelligent observation. The times that Bonds doesn't get on base more than makes up for the hits and homers.

Look for a complete re-working of this blog in the next few weeks. It's almost ready now (WC3 Validated, XML feeds, cool flaming baseball logo, useable comments and archives, and more reliable host), but since I'll be travelling a lot and I want to kick things off with a high posting rate, don't expect things too soon.

In the mean time, if anyone that reads this is both a Yankees and Red Sox fan, or used to be one, but is now the other, or knows of someone who fits either qualification, email me at skyking162 at

Also, anyone else noticed that Joe Morgan wrote the book Baseball for Dummies.

To quote my least favorite president, "You're either with us, or you're a fsking terrorist." Pick a side, you coward.

Brian H

Actually, I've decided to pull for the Devil Rays this year. That Carl Crawford, he's a beast on the basepaths.
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