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The ARod and Manny Show

Manny's probably a slightly better hitter than ARod. Add in the fact that ARrod plays SS very well, and Manny plays LF average at best, ARod's the better player. Don't know if he's $5 million better, but I doubt that $5 million is the last $5 million available to the Red Sox.

What will make this deal a success or failure for the Sox is what they do with Nomar Garciaparra. If they trade him for Jared Washburn, bad move. If they trade him for Bobby Abreu, good move. If they trade him for a league-average 2B, and spend the rest of his salary on an above-average LF, good move. If they trade him for Raul Ibanez (which they won't), bad move. If they convince him to play 2B next to ARod (which they won't), good move.

Of all the possible deals, I'd guess more than half of them are potentially bad. That's why it's nice to know Theo Epstein's in charge. I trust him about 80% to do something productive with Nomar if they pull of the Manny for ARod switch.

Because it's not just Manny for ARod that will affect the Sox; it's Manny and Nomar for ARod and ______. That blank better be damn good.

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