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12.15.2003 - MLB - Stark: Momentum building:

And the trading of Garciaparra could expand into a three-way blockbuster in which the Red Sox would get one of the Dodgers' starting pitchers -- most likely Odalis Perez -- then spin him elsewhere for a left fielder to replace Ramirez.

I'd love for this thing to go down. I don't really know how much it would help the Sox, but it'd still be pretty damn cool.

I wonder for whom (yes, this blog attempts to be grammatically correct) the Sox would spin Perez... The Cards need pitching, but the only OF of note is Edmonds. Not likely. The Braves are actually in the market for pitching - but I doubt Chipper would leave. The ChiSox might want pitching - would they give up Magglio? Probably not, but maybe Carlos Lee. How about Houston for Hidalgo? How about Seattle for Ibanez or McCracken?

Or... and forget about this 10 seconds after you read it... how about they spin Perez for prospects, and use the money saved to sign Vlad for 4 years/$60 mil? That's quite tasty and would definitely push the Sox past the Yankees. ARod, Vlad, Ortiz, Nixon, Varitek Millar, Mueller, Damon - ok, 10 seconds is up.

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