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12.14.2003 - MLB - Mets sign Cameron to three-year deal

I like Mike Cameron. He'll make the Mets better. But the Mets are at the point where getting a little better shouldn't be their main goal. They should own up to the fact that they're bad, save some money for a couple years, reload with young guys, and then go out and sign a couple free agents to move them from slightly above average to playoff contender.

All in all, Cameron's not that expensive, and he'll be fun for New York fans to watch for a few years. It could have been worse - the Mets could have blown $15 million a year on Sheffield or Vlad. That really would have put a cramp in rebuilding.

I guess I'm a little disappointed because I'd hoped Cameron would be signed by a team ready to contend over the next few years, and he could push them over the edge. Cameron'd be a great fit (with a little creativity) for the Yankees, A's, Red Sox, Astros, yada yada.

Here's hoping Shea doesn't hurt Cameron as much as Safeco, and Mike can show the world how good a player he really is.

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