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12.13.2003 - MLB - Deal closed: Foulke chooses Red Sox over A's

Actually, posting this is really just an excuse to test out the new Google Toolbar. I installed it to block all the annoying pop-up ads, but this benefit might turn out to be just as fun.

I wouldn't say that the Red Sox got a deal, but considering money doesn't seem to be a big issue, there really isn't any reliever I'd want more over the next three years. The Sox bullpen v.2004 appears to be much much stronger than last year's. I'm curious as to whether they'll use the best pitcher (probably Foulke, now) as a fireman or closer. I'd guess closer, but fireman would be way cool, and wouldn't rock the boat as much as last year's fiasco since Williamson/Kim are bonafide closers.

The rumor is that if the A's didn't sign Foulke, they'd put that money towards Cameron. In my view, Cameron's a much better investment, especially considering the suckiness of the A's outfield. The Mets might have something to say about Cameron, though.

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