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12.14.2003 - MLB - Roundup: Rays acquire Blum, Hendrickson

Blum and Hendrickson are just the pieces of the puzzle the DRays were looking for. Sorry, nevermind.

The interesting part about these little deals is that Geoff Blum is no longer a member of the Astros. Which means that Morgan Ensberg should play full time at third. Well, he should have played full time at third last year, but now he's extremely likely to rack up 600 PAs.

I wonder if this was a case of the Astros GM thinking, "Gosh darn, Ensberg should have the starting job, but Jimy Williams keeps giving at-bats to Geoff Blum. If I could just get rid of Geoff Blum, Jimy can't make that mistake anymore."

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