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Merry Christmas

I hope everyone out there enjoyed the 25th of December. For those of you that I know, get ready for some Sky-cooked food. My family loaded me up with kitchen equipment, including a food processor and ice cream maker. What kind of ice cream should I make first - strawberry? Mango-pineapple? Peppermint? Peach-raspberry? Chocolate-espresso? Mmmm.

My family also pushed me back a little bit towards the Yankees side of things with a fitted cap and framed photo of Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth. Although, if you check out this DM sim of the 2004 season, the good money's on Boston. Also note that this sim study (which uses the ZiPS projections) agrees with my point of view that the AL Central will be awful next year, and that the A's will run away from the overrated Mariners and Angels (and appropriately rated Rangers).

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