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Peoria Strat League Playoffs

Well, my Schuylkill Kings finished the regular season with 100 wins and ran away with the division. Led all 12 teams in AVG and ERA, according to the league secretary. And due to a less than stellar 2002 (my first year in the league), I was awarded the league's Most Improved Team award.

My reward? A showdown with the two-time defending champion Guam Islanders, led by Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez. My team's better, but due to some unique playoff rules, I figure I've got only about a 50/50 shot to win the best of 7 series. The league, instead of allowing a percentage (usually about 8%) of actual PAs and IPs to be used in the playoffs, allows ALL PAs and IPs to be reused. Now, I hate claiming ignorance as an excuse, and I'm not - it's more that I'm pissed at myself for not finding out all the rules and taking advantage of them. Guam's got full use of Keither Ginter, Johan Santana, and Mark Hendrickson for this series. His quality lefties will neutralize my right-bashing lineup. I need to get to his bullpen ASAP, and hope that my starters and fielding can hold his offense in check.

Against his lefty rotation of Hendrickson, Santana, and Rueter, my lineup will look like this (remember, 2002 stats are used)

Kearns CF
Martinez DH
Spivey 2B
Hammonds LF
Lee 1B
Guerrero RF
Williams 3B
Gonzalez C
Vizquel SS

Not quite as nice as my lineup I'll be able to use once against Jeff Weaver:

Guerrero RF
Giles LF
Durazo DH
Kearns CF
Ortiz 1B
Lowell 3B
Alomar 2B
Larue C
Vizquel SS

My rotation stacks up as:
Leiter relieved by Burnett

If it goes 7, I'll be able to pitch Lowe 3 times.

Here's how I see it - split games 1 and 2 (Lowe v. Hendrickson, Millwood v. Santana). Guam takes game 3 (Leiter/Burnett v. Rueter) and Schuylkill comes back in game 4 (Lowe v. Weaver). Guam takes 5 (Hendrickson v. Millwood) and 6 (Santana v. Leiter/Burnett). But if I can sneak out either 5 or 6, I'll have the game 7 advantage of Lowe v. Rueter. So, call it even. If I make it through, the World Series would present a much easier opponent.

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