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"The New York Daily News is reporting that Vladimir Guerrero will sign a five-year, $70 million contract with the Angels. This wouldn't have come as a surprise a couple of months ago, but if it's true, the Angels came out of nowhere to pull this off now. The deal could mean that Garret Anderson will become available in trade talks. Finding a team willing to take Darin Erstad's contract would be a better option, but the most likely scenario is that Erstad will be moved to first base, sending Anderson to center and Jose Guillen to left. "

Wow, this came out of left - I mean right - field. The Angels have gone crazy this year signing free agents. Best case, they win the division and put up a solid fight against the Yanks and Sox for the pennant. Worst case, Colon's average, Escobar stinks it up, and Guillen goes back to pre-2003 form. What's most likely to happen? I think the Angels will challenge the A's for the division title, but come up just short. And because of the Beasts in the East, fail to qualify for the Wild Card, spurring Bud Selig to start talking about adding two more Wild Cards.

And what do they do with the extra outfielder? I think the Angels would be smart to play Anderson in center; from the defensive metrics I trust most, he seems to be a very very good defensive player. But does that bump Erstad to first (please, no) or does it prompt the Angels to trade him (yes yes yes)? He's due about $8 million in 2004, and I'm sure the Angels could do just as well at first base with a much cheaper option. Any chance they could trade Erstad for a prospect or two, and spend that money on a year of Pudge? Wow, that would propel the Angels past the A's, I think.

Vlad in an Angels uniform? I definitely didn't see that one coming.

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